Setting the Sea and Anchor Detail


I’ve recently had quite a few friends and acquaintances suggest that I start a blog. Seems there are actually a few people out there who like reading my thoughts despite the record number of defriending events that happen to me when I express those thoughts on Facebook! So, here we go.

“Now go to your stations all special sea and anchor detail” was the word passed on the 1MC, the ship’s general announcing system, every time I got underway during my 20-year Navy career. And as those who know me best will agree, I still haven’t really been able to let go of the vernacular (and some other things) despite that retirement ceremony back in 2007. So, as I start this blogging venture, it reminded me of setting the sea and anchor detail. I’m getting the gear together, preparing for a new journey, and wondering what will happen along the way.

As was the case with many of those underway periods, I really don’t have a solid idea of what this journey will be about. I have strong opinions on a lot of issues particularly politics, religion, and sports, I imagine there will be plenty of that here. And I really like discussing those opinions with intelligent people that hold opposing views. So please – offer me your thoughts, especially if you disagree with me! Tone is fairly difficult to convey in a forum like this, and my tone is often interpreted as antagonistic, confrontational, and condescending. I’m not going to say it is never intended to be those things, because it absolutely is sometimes intended to be those things. I’ll just say that if it is, you’ll know.

I won’t be making any commitment to a set periodicity for posts here. I’ll just write something when the mood strikes. I think it will sort of be up to the readership to drive posts. If the demand is there, I’m more likely to post regularly.

Enough for now. Going to play around with the page and see what bells and whistles are available.



15 thoughts on “Setting the Sea and Anchor Detail

  1. Wayne Bannatyne

    I look forward to seeing your thoughts in greater detail than what is sometimes delivered on facebook. I’m quite confident that I will be the recipient of some of those misinterpreted antagonistic, confrontational, and condescending comments, especially if it has to do with sports, or more specifically, college football. Cheers!

  2. Kevin McCreight

    I am excited to see you venture into this blog, Jim. I enjoy your rants and points of view. Although I am probably the furthest thing from a true sailor or a Gator fan, I look forward to engaging in intelligent debate and some good ole fashioned Tom Foolery. As far as some suggestions, I would like to read your opinion on the Chuck Hagel proposed cuts to the Pentagon. Fallout and carry out the plan of the day.

  3. Rich

    Looking forward to this. As a former Squid myself I’ll get a lot of the references, but because I had exactly ZERO days at sea some will escape me. One of the things I miss most is with the guys in my shop…mostly about politics, religion, and sports…with a healthy dose of music and movies in the mix.

    • That’s an interesting (and different) perspective Rich. We had plenty of the music/movies/sports talk, but we didn’t really talk much religion and politics. That was a good thing for me I suppose since so many of my former shipmates are so offended by my liberalism and atheism.

      • Rich

        I was the biggest liberal atheist in the whole division. I remember debating with a very devout Marine who was very atypical. He calmly and rationally explained his position in a way which challenged me to disagree.

      • That’s my favorite type of debate – intelligent, rational, reasoned argument. Can’t promise that’s what you’ll always see here, but I think I can promise you’ll at least occasionally see it here.

    • Marina – you and I will probably disagree as much as anyone on what I have to say here, but I will always appreciate your input and respect your voice. You’re one of the most genuine and nice people I have ever known and serving with you in Bermuda was the highlight of my career. It was like we were P-3 “Sailors!” Damn I miss Bermuda!

    • You were probably the main reason I decided to start. I have been urged to do so by friends for some time, but the thought at being able to more thoroughly delve into issues with you finally tilted the scales!

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