Jesus Take The Wheel


So, I ran across this interesting article from Fort Wayne, Indiana. A woman named Prionda Hill tells us that while driving down the road, God told her that he would take the wheel from here, so of course she obeyed (would hate to be burned and tortured for eternity for disobeying the big guy after all) and let go of the wheel. She almost immediately runs over a motorcyclist named Anthony Oliveri, almost killing him. What is the motorcyclist’s reaction? He thanks God for sparing him from death (which is puzzling since death is supposed to lead to an eternity of life in paradise for believers).

Seriously. It happened.

Let’s examine the possibilities here.

They’re both right. God really did tell her to let go and then he promptly steered the car right over Anthony breaking every rib on his left side, damaging his spleen, bruising his kidney, and giving him about as bad a case of road rash as once can have; but out of mercy for his loyal follower, decided not to kill Anthony. What can we surmise about God if they’re both right? I contend that this would mean God is a real asshole who goes out of his way to hurt people for his own sick enjoyment. What a sadist.

Prionda is right. If God really did tell her to let go, and really did mow over Anthony, is there any other conclusion to be reached other than God’s an asshole? He’d actually be an even bigger asshole because if only Prionda is right, the sole focus of God was in inflicting pain on Anthony with no regard for his life at all.

Anthony is right. If Prionda is as crazy as I hope we all know she is, and only Anthony is right, what does that say about God? I suppose the religious folks would make the case that it speaks well of God that he intervened and prevented his loyal follower from dying. I would contend that if God is all-knowing and all-powerful, then he surely could have responded a second earlier and prevented his loyal follower from enduring such pain and injury. Why would God allow Anthony to be hurt so badly and then come in late and save his life? He’s still a real asshole for not helping Anthony when it would have done Anthony some good.

They’re both bat shit crazy. For this to be the case, one must assume that either there is no invisible space guy at all (welcome to the world of reason!) or that God doesn’t involve himself in the mundane daily activities of people. If one holds either of these positions, then one would believe that Prionda heard nothing. I find that a very reasonable position and I hope you do too. One would also believe that either there is no God to intervene on Anthony’s behalf, or that the God who is there doesn’t work that way. I find one of these views significantly more reasonable than the other, but I at least appreciate the intellectual honesty of the other. If they’re both wrong, what does that say about God (assuming he exists)? A couple things I think. First, it says that he isn’t involved in the activities on Earth. He doesn’t intervene in man’s actions. He is a hands off God. I would think that would be what believers in God would want to argue considering how many awful things happen on Earth that God does not prevent. Secondly, it says quite a bit to me about his followers. If they’re both wrong, they have both dramatically inflated their importance to and relationship with this God. It says that they are egomaniacs who actually believe that the universe was created exclusively for them and that its creator is intimately concerned with every trivial detail of their personal lives.

So basically it comes down to if God exists, he’s either a real asshole or his followers are. Which is it religious people? Of course, there is an out. Enjoy free inquiry, reason, science, and logic. Return to the atheism you were born with, reject the indoctrination of your parents, and just go one God further.


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