Je Suis Charlie



Some random quick thoughts on what happened in Paris…

12 people died. 12 people will never go home to their families. 12 people will never enjoy another day. 12 people’s lives were violently, suddenly, and tragically ended. And for what? Freaking cartoons. Because Muslims have some stupid idea that their prophet can’t be insulted and can’t be depicted in any fashion.

Well, first of all let me just tell all the Muslims out there that your prophet was a charlatan. He was no prophet of any god, he was a con man. And you’re all a bunch of sheep, no different than the followers of Jesus, Yahweh, or any of the other imaginary friends invented by men. Additionally, Muhammad was a particularly despicable human being. He was a hypocrite who limited his followers to 4 wives, but imposed no such limit on his own marriages. He was a pedophile who married a 9 year old child. He was a barbarous murderer who regularly and violently killed his enemies and those who criticized him. He was a practitioner of genocide who ordered and participated in mass executions of Jews. He failed on the most basic moral question ever – human beings owning other human beings. He bought, captured, sold, and impregnated slaves. So, as far as the major religions of the world are concerned, I take particular issue with Islam because the guy at the top was such a horrible human being. Screw Muhammad and screw Islam.


And that’s the point I really want to make here I guess – that while I KNOW all religions are superstitious, nonsensical creations of man, I take particular issue with Islam. This one is particularly dangerous. We don’t have Hindus flying planes into skyscrapers. We don’t have Jews blowing themselves up in the market. We don’t have Christians beheading people in the public square. Other religions aren’t kidnapping hundreds of girls for going to school. But we do have all those things and more with Muslims. The common denominator is always Islam. Let’s take a look at just the last 30 days and see what Islam’s contribution to the world has been:

15 Dec – 2 dead in Sydney hostage situation

16 Dec – 142 dead (including 132 children) in Peshawar school attack

16 Dec – 26 dead (including 16 students) in Yemeni suicide car bombing attack

17 Dec – 150 women (some pregnant) killed by ISIS for refusing to marry ISIS fighters

18 Dec – 32 dead and 185 women and children kidnapped in Nigeria

18 Dec – 230 victims of ISIS found dead in mass grave in Syria

22 Dec – 20 dead in bus bombing in Nigeria

24 Dec – 33 dead in suicide bombing in Iraq

25 Dec – 9 dead in attack in Somalia

28 Dec – 30 dead in attack in Cameroon

7 Jan – 12 dead in Paris attack on Charlie Hebdo office

8 Jan – 100 dead in attack in Nigeria

Anyone keeping score? That’s 786 deaths, scores of injuries, and 185 kidnappings just this month. All in the name of Islam.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have an Islam problem.

Want to know how big a problem? I wasn’t even able to type 500 words out before news comes in that there are at least 2 more dead in a hostage situation in Vincennes related to the Charlie Hebdo attack. The hits just keep coming, huh?

And what do so many of my friends on the left have to say about this? They say we shouldn’t criticize Islam, that the perpetrators of all this violence aren’t “real” Muslims, that to associate Islam with these attacks is racist, and even that religion should somehow be off limits from ridicule in order to avoid these situations – that religion deserves respect.

Seriously. They say that. With a straight face. And apparently believe it.

Well, screw that too. Religion is an idea. A monumentally stupid, horrible, and damaging idea. It isn’t off limits. It deserves no respect. People deserve respect, not ideas.

The left has even gone as far as to invent a new word that is supposed to equate criticism of this religion with racism – Islamaphobe. They contend that to call Islam out for exactly what the hell it is is to be a racist. Islam is not a race. There are Muslims of every race. Ridiculing Islam and pointing out the role it plays in the death and destruction we see every day on the news is not racism. That makes a little less than no sense.

But I’m not here just to condemn Islam, I will be critical of Muslims too. I keep hearing about all these “good” Muslims that are not represented by these terrorists. Funny thing for me is, I never see them. It’s very easy to see Muslims protesting a Danish cartoonist’s depiction of their prophet. They even come with signs showing us all how peaceful their religion is. But when Muslims murder people over a freaking cartoon, where are these so-called good Muslims? Why are the streets empty? Where are the signs condemning the violence? These “good” Muslims seem to have the same publicity problem all the “good” cops have – there just is no awareness of their efforts to rein in the bad apples in their ranks and hold them accountable. It’s almost like they agree with the actions of the bad apples. Weird.

Want to know why it seems that way? Because it’s true. They do agree with the terrorists in troubling numbers. I really don’t have the time to break down all the numbers here, but I will refer you to an excellent source of data compiled by the Pew Center available here. Just click the “vast new study” link there to get a pdf copy of the full report. Take some time and look at how many Muslims support sharia law, death for those who leave Islam, subjugation of women, terror attacks in certain circumstances, etc. It baffles me that this many people can think this way.

And we all know exactly what it takes to make people think that way – religion.

We, as civilized human beings, have to be united on this issue. We can’t make apologies for Islam. We can’t attempt to make ourselves feel better by “taking up for the good Muslims.” I leave you with the words of a brilliant author who was driven into hiding by a worldwide fatwa calling for his death for writing a book that was never read by those who wanted him dead for writing it.

‘Respect for religion’ has become a code phrase meaning ‘fear of religion’. Religions, like all other ideas, deserve criticism, satire, and, yes, our fearless disrespect.”

-Salman Rushdie


Hypocrisy Lobby


This recent Hobby Lobby decision by the SCOTUS has me infuriated. It pushes us a little further down the road to theocracy. I won’t get into all of my disagreements with this horrendous decision, but just wanted to point out the ridiculous hypocrisy involved in Hobby Lobby’s position/case.

Corporations don’t have “sincerely held religious beliefs.” Why did the founders/owners of Hobby Lobby incorporate? To separate their personal wealth, assets, and liability from that of their business. A corporation is a legal entity that is separate and distinct from the owners of the corporation. Hobby Lobby can’t have this both ways. They can’t form a corporation in order to avoid personal liability for anything that happens within the corporation AND then expect to extend their personal religious beliefs to the corporation. It’s either separate or it isn’t. If you want to make the case that your personal religious beliefs are being trampled upon, you should do so in a sole proprietorship.

Contraception was fine when it was an investment. For years, Hobby Lobby has had their 401k plans investing in companies that manufacture the very things they now claim to have such a “sincerely held religious objection” to. Here a few companies Hobby Lobby was invested in for years that were ok as long as the investments were paying off:

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – makers of Plan B and ParaGard (a copper IUD).

Actavis – makers of a generic Plan B and distributors of Ella (another emergency contraception).

Pfizer – makers of Cytotec and Prostin E2, drugs used to induce abortions.

Bayer – manufacturers of Skyla and Mirena (hormonal IUDs).

AstraZeneca – owners of a subsidiary that manufactures Prostodin, Cerviprime, and Partocin (all drugs commonly used in abortions).

Forest Laboratories – makers of Cervidil (drug used to induce abortions).

Aetna – insurance company that covers surgical abortions, abortion drugs, and emergency contraception in many of their policies.

Humana – insurance company that covers surgical abortions, abortion drugs, and emergency contraception in many of their policies.

It isn’t a difficult thing to see what your 401k invests in. As a matter of fact, it’s a required report that is made to these people who supposedly held these devout objections to what all these companies did. Why was there never an effort to remove Hobby Lobby investments from these companies if the religious belief was so sincere?

China not only allows abortion, they mandate it. If Hobby Lobby ownership can’t bear the thought of their money being spent on something they view as abortion, why is the vast majority of the crap on their shelves manufactured in China? China has a population problem and actively uses abortion to help solve it. If this religious belief is so sincerely held, why aren’t the Hobby Lobby owners buying American-made products?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t get to say what every dollar they’ve ever touched gets spent on. I so tire of this idea that the employer gets a say in the insurance plan because the employer pays for it. No. The plan is part of the overall compensation package given to the employee. It is the employee’s plan in exactly the same way that it is the employee’s paycheck. Hobby Lobby has no right to interfere in the employee’s usage of their healthcare plan anymore than they have the right to dictate how an employee spends their paycheck.

Their “science” is wrong. The Hobby Lobby owners claim they object to any form of contraception that involves preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus. You know, because that would be interfering with God’s will. The problem is that many of the menstrual cycles of women involve fertilized eggs leaving the body after not being implanted in the uterus. God seems ok with that. They don’t understand contraception, the many things it is used for, how it works, etc. Leave these things to doctors, not glitter salesmen.

They only object to women’s reproductive health issues. When it comes to Viagra and vasectomies – game on! If God wanted Larry Limpdick to procreate, wouldn’t he have allowed Larry the ability to obtain an erection? Why should Hobby Lobby interfere with God’s will when it comes to men? And why is Gerry Gigolo allowed to have insurance coverage for his vasectomy (so he has no parenting worries), but his female co-workers can’t get an IUD?

Look folks, this clearly isn’t about any “sincerely held religious objection.” If it were, they wouldn’t be buying from China, investing their money in contraception manufacturers via their 401k plans, or allowing men to do whatever they want. This is about the need to control women. It’s what religions do.